Ibrahim Electric3


„Ibrahim Electric could be the soundtrack for a spaghetti western in Mali“ (allaboutjazz.com).
Ibrahim Electric’s style is not for the pedantic. Their quirky – provocative – extroverted – original music sticks its fingers into just about every musical cookie jar… and sends cascades of pearls from the speakers. There are elements of old fashioned soul-jazz, afrobeat, 60’s acid, and of course the trio’s trademark: the fast, almost-punk passages in which the three musicians merge into one playful organism. Each of the band-members possesses an extremely high level of musical energy, and they have a mutual love for the pure energy in the music… Whether Niclas Knudsen is playing a guitar solo in the spirit of Ali Farka Toure, Jeppe Tuxen is playing a solo that leads your mind to the Hammond-icons of the 1960’s, or Stefan Pasborg is playing a drum-solo with avant-garde elements, the one thing that overshines it all, is their love for playing and performing, and the sheer intensity of their expression!

Niclas Knudsen – guitars
Jeppe Tuxen – Hammond B3
Stefan Pasborg – drums, percussion